B2B ecommerce has had a significant rise in the last few years

B2B ecommerce has had a significant rise in the last few years. This increase can be attributed to the dramatic changes occurring within business and marketing environments, which are causing buyers to demand more transparency and product information than ever before.  It's been predicted that by 2022, there will be over $1 trillion of global B2B commerce sales online; this number does not include other types of orders such as professional services or digital goods.  When looking at these figures, it makes sense why businesses need to start adopting b2b ecommerce platforms now if they don't want their customers going elsewhere for products and services.

WOOB2B Ecommerce Platform

The WOOB2B team specialize in customizing B2B Ecommerce Webstores to next level with our amazing features and functionalities. An easy integration and personalization of multichannel wholesale platform. Let us learn about your business and how helpful WOOB2B is for any company no matter what industry. Conquering the B2B Ecommerce business requires experience and competency to scale.

  • Organized and easy quote request
  • Custom catalogues creation
  • Highly flexible Integration
  • Awesome sales support to manage corporate account
  • Hassle-free order management for multichannel platforms
  • Reseller ecommerce webstore management

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