The new BMW M3 has all the power and driving capability you could ever want. With both a manual transmission or an automatic, it's hard to go wrong with this sedan.

BMW is not one for change. In the market of ever-changing cars, they are a constant fixture in an industry that sees new models come and go from year to season with no certainty as to what will be driving next week. Their newest car product release demonstrates this commitment brilliantly: The 2021 BMW M3 resurrects its storied history by successfully blending modern technology into classic design elements such as manual transmissions on regular model versions while also providing eight speeds automatic transmission options throughout their lineup starting at 602 horsepower (M3 Competition).

Based on the recently redesigned 3 series sedan, it comes without surprise that everything about the newly released 2021 BMW M3 communicates driver engagement - both through familiar exterior designs like a prominent grille or traditional gearbox choices

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